At CommGas Limited, we provide a full range of water services, to enable our customers to stay legally compliant, but most of all safe!

Our main area of works in water services are in the design and specification of water services provisions and how to minimise the risk of Legionella, a potentially deadly bacteria formation. We specislise in risk assessment, risk management, control measures and on-going monitoring, with the aim of guiding our clients to a healthier working environment. 

Again, our Director has gained valuable on site practical knowledge and experience in the field and through his membership of industry bodies (IGEM, CIPHE, CIBSE) and continued professional development, we are guided to the highest industry acceptable standards.

This provides our clients with the peace of mind that they require and deserve!

CommGas Limited provide world wide recognised procedures for industrial and commercial gas and water safety application. We incorporate all necessary categories of competence and all associated industry recognised best practice procedures and classification techniques. We can oversee projects and advise on necessary steps in order to create safer working environments for industry, it's employees and society.


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